Written 12/6/2016 Michael Nickolich

Creative alternatives to wedding formalities

Every year Lights Out Entertainment DJs' run into more couples who want to break free from the norm for their wedding. 

Lights Out Entertainment Wedding Professionals continue to come up with inventive ways to redesign and inject new ideas and possibly new traditions without making your wedding cheesy. 

The Bouquet Pass
One of these ideas is a bouquet pass instead of a bouquet toss.

The bouquet pass combines two wedding traditions into one.  The Anniversary Dance (Generations Dance) and the Bouquet toss into one moment.

The Master of Ceremonies (Your Wedding Host) will ask couples who have been married one year or less to join you and your special someone on the dance floor.  You will then pass the bouquet as a couple to couple who has been married the least amount of time.  Then the dj will ask if anyone has been married three years or less to join you on the dance floor, then the couple who is holding the bouquet will pass it to the next couple. This will continue until the couple who has been married the longest has the bouquet.  This is a great way to pay homage to those married couples attending your wedding.   The longest married couple will get to keep the bouquet. This is also a great time to give that couple a bottle of wine. 

You can then privately ask the couple for marriage advice, or the longest married couple could share their secrets of longevity over the microphone with everyone at the wedding if you so choose.  

You are going to have a good idea of who has possibly been married the longest.  You may want to do some leg work and find out what the couple who has been together the longest first dance song was.  Your DJ will want to know this so that he can have the song playing in the background.   

As a bonus this may be a great photo opportunity at your wedding to have a photo with all the married couples attending your special day. Be sure to let your photographer know that you are incorporating this unique wedding idea into your day!

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