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DJ Mikey Theknot Best of Weddings Award

DJ Mikey Lights Out Entertainmnet Professional Indianapolis Event Wedding DJ

DJ Mikey Lights Out Entertainmnet Professional Indianapolis Event Wedding DJ

Top Reviewed 2014 Wedding DJ Award Indy A List

 Michael (DJ Mikey) Nickolich

As a DJ and Wedding and Event Consultant from corporate, university, and other private events to city festivals, clubs, fundraisers, and weddings. Michael's resume extends throughout the Midwest. He has served as a sound & lighting technician for various bands and traveled with them as well. As an MC & Disc Jockey his primary focus is Hip-Hop, Top 40, and creating a party atmosphere. As a consultant he is able to give his clients the confidence they need to have a fun and successful event. If you are seeking a party then Mike is your solution!
Michael is not only passionate about his work, but also enjoys helping out in the community.

How did you get into spinning tunes?

About 11 years ago a good friend of mine was a Disk Jockey at a pub.  I loved music, was fascinated by audio equipment, and wasn't (technically) old enough at the time to get into a pub. He invited me to tag along to his gig as his assistant.  I ended up helping him set up his gear and lugging in all his music and so on. Once the show started I was behind the booth watching him move the crowd & I was instantly hooked. I learned all of the basics and a lot of ins and outs of the craft from that friend. I soaked it up all up, practiced, and experimented. To this day the crowd, the energy on the dance floor, all the fun that goes with it, is just amazing to me. I love it, it's what I live for.

What is the most rewarding aspect of being a Disk Jockey?

Simply seeing my clients, their guests, and the crowd having a good time. It's about creating an atmosphere and people making memories. It's priceless & to be part of something awesome like that is honestly an honor.

Do you use a play list?

Oh, heaven's no. For every event I go to I have a general Idea of what I'm going to play depending on the type of event that is booked. Weddings for example have stages that are already known well in advance like the special song for the bride and groom's first dance. I already have a general idea of what type of music the bride and groom like. I also have a general idea of what type of music their guests like. Once the dance floor opens up beyond the first couple of songs it's wherever the night takes us, it's a journey. It's kinda like driving home from work and you have to go with the flow of traffic kinda thing.  Detours happen and you have to be able to adapt quickly. A play list can not evolve and adapt. Each event is different. It would be impossible to just create a general play list and just push play and expect to have a positive result.

Does traveling for an event bother you?

Absolutely not; It is almost like one of the perks of job. I love to travel. Which is a good thing because it seems to be the nature of the business. Corporate events, destination weddings, being a guest DJ at a club, etc. all require traveling. It's really rewarding to meet so many different people and expand your knowledge base of the music world around you. It's very cool because many areas of  the United States have varied music tastes. I pick up on that, and my knowledge just continues to grow. During long plane rides and road trips I keep myself busy listening to new music and practicing my mixes.

What is the most unique thing you have had a bride and groom request?

I don't know if it's unique but they wanted me to mix music for their first dance. They provided a specific set of songs with cue points to start each song and end on. It was unusual because traditionally a bride and groom have one song for their first dance. Occasionally they will choose two different types of songs, one to start slow and the other will end with something high energy. The first dance gets me every time; it truly is a magical moment. This couple had a different idea in mind & gave me the list of music.  I made a sample mix prior so they could review it. I didn't use the prerecorded mix however, as they requested me to do it live. I inquired as to what they were planning to do with this list of songs they gave me. Not providing even a single clue they simply said it would be a surprise. Their first song was a traditional slow dance song, but then it got wild from there.  They went  High School Musical / Rap battle almost on me. I probably should have seen that one coming. They wowed their guests with a skit performance that was every bit of 9 minutes long, all to the music I was mixing for them. I just never had a first dance go down like that before. It was different, refreshing, and bold. I will never forget this one!

How do you introduce the bridal party?

Honestly that depends on the bride and groom and the bridal party. I have  done events where only the bride and groom were to be announced with no music for the introduction.  On the other end of the spectrum I've had to go all out and hype up the crowd with the Let's Get Ready to Rumble sound track running in the background while introducing everyone sports arena style. I had another where the bride & groom entered the room from opposite sides and wanted their announcement to be like a boxing match; "in this corner we have...", and the saga continues. It is really up to the couple & their bridal party.  This is one of the parts of the night I feel they are often most creative with and I'm always encouraging of such activities.

Do you help pick out songs with the bride and groom?

Absolutely, I can give suggestions all day long. Helping plan out their event is just a part of what I do behind the scenes.  Certain songs should really be chosen by them for example the first dance song. This one should be special to them and can be something obscure or even a friend singing them a song with their guitar or keyboard.  If needed I can make an arrangement to accommodate that.

Do you give the bride and groom the option for a 'DO NOT PLAY' list?

Yes, Music is a powerful thing. It can summon a range of memories. Certain songs may conjure specific emotions or they may simply just not like them. A song may remind them of a loved one who has passed.  A song may remind them of their former boss, whom they despise; he used to blast the song in the office all day. Whatever the reason I always ask for a 'Do Not Play' list.  People do ask for song requests at weddings and I gladly will play any and all of them if they fit into the guidelines of the bride and groom's requests.  There doesn't have to be a specific reason why someone doesn't want a certain song or even list of songs played. If they don't want to hear it & it's on the list, I won't play it.

Is your club style different from your wedding DJ style?

The short answer is yes. Now for the long answer.  Each wedding and any  event for that matter outside of a club is highly specialized. One of the many questions while planning a wedding event is the vocal level of interaction that you want the DJ to have. I am not working a wedding for the limelight that you would find in a club. I am at a wedding to play music, ensure the success of the night, & not to steal an ounce of glory from the bride and groom. Other than the basic announcements and introductions I won't be on the microphone, unless that is what the bride and groom want. Each wedding is unique and is custom tailored to the bride and groom; the night isn't about me its about them!

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