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         Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q) I've never planned a wedding before or had to hire a DJ and am not really sure how all this works?

A)  We've helped many brides/grooms in your situation.  We'd be happy to meet with you to discuss what you like to see happen at your reception/wedding.  We understand you have a lot going on and are more than happy to help you with planning to remove as much stress as possible.  Most of all, remember your reception is meant to be fun.  During the reception you wont have to worry about any of the details; that's what we're paid to do.

Q) Will we be able to choose our music? 

A)  Yes.  We discourage choosing a playlist for the entire duration of the event as this hinders our ability to interact with your guest.  We have online tools in the 'client login' which enable the selection of music to be played and also the music that you do not want played.  You will work one on one with your host/DJ to express your desires.

Q) What type of music do you play?  Is your library current?

A) The type of music we play depends on what you tell us you'd like played.  We update our library weekly and get singles as they are released to radio.

Q) What time will you setup and what is the charge for this?

A) We will arrive no less than one hour prior to the event start time. Their are no hidden cost and setup is already included in your contract.

Q) If you have a technical problem with your equipment what will you do?  Will we have to wait for a different system to be setup?

A) We carry backup gear to all events and can switch anything out promptly.  We arrive well in advance to setup and make sure everything is working properly.  Problems with equipment are seldom but if this happens we'll take care of it without interrupting things.

Q) What happens if our DJ can't make our date due to an emergency?

A) While this has never happened we have measures in place to deal with this.  One of the perks of our online planner is that we can share the details of your event quickly and accurately.  The first choice would be one of our 4 Disc Jockeys.  We also have an agreement with several other area professional DJs so we can have someone do a great job for you in a timely fashion.

Q) What advertising/self promotion/banners will you have at our event?

A) We feel our work speaks for itself.  We will not display any banners or company logos at your event.  We will not self promote on the microphone or solicit business from your guest.

Q) May we come to a wedding to see you in action?

A) We respect our clients privacy and understand that their wedding is the most important day of their lives.  We do participate in public events throughout the year and welcome potential clients to attend those.  Please keep in mind that a car show, charity auction, or other public event is carried out inherently differently from a wedding.

Q) Will you be doing our announcements?

A) Yes, unless you have chosen someone else to fulfill this duty.  The overwhelming majority of the time it is the responsibility of the DJ/MC to make announcements and facilitate the flow of the event.

Q) Have you played at our venue before?

A) Chances are that we have if the venue is in the Indianapolis metro area.  Regardless if we have or not, we will gladly meet you there to discuss layout and logistics.  We feel this can be crucial to setting your mind at ease when planning can become stressful.

Q) Our reception may run late as we like to dance.  Will the DJ take any breaks?

A) Your DJ will not take any breaks.  Our unlimited package is a fantastic deal for anyone planning an event longer than 5 hours.

Q) Will you take request during the event/reception?

A) Absolutely.  We encourage guest to make request & will use our discretion when playing them.

Q) What attire will you wear to our wedding?

A) Generally a black suit/tie.  You can discuss the DJ's attire & decide what will work best for your situation.

Don't see your question?  Please feel free to contact us.  We'll get back with you as soon as possible.  Expect a delay for weekend inquiries as we'll be working events.  Thanks for checking out our site