Great Gift Idea for your groomsmen

5/15/2017 Written by Michael Nickolich

Recently during a venue visit a couple asked, “Do you have any suggestions for gifts for the groomsmen that isn’t your typical flask or beer mug? We are struggling with coming up with ideas and we really would like to get them something different that they will actually want to keep.”The first thing that came to mind was the American Silver Eagle (ASE) that they could give each of their groomsmen.  I asked one of the guys at the coin shop to send a quick picture of one to show the couple. They thought it was a great idea and wanted one for each of the groomsmen.  They are something that a guy will cherish and possibly always keep in his pocket as their lucky coin. (Think of grandpa who always carried a silver dollar in his pocket.)  Those who choose to carry this coin with them all the time will always have a story to share with his friends about being part of your wedding. 

2017 ASE Groomsman Gift Idea Indy's Best Wedding

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What is an ASE? It is a 1 oz. of pure silver and they are one of the most gorgeous coins that the US Mint has ever made. They have been minted every year since 1983, each year they make a new one. You can pre order them at Hoosier Coin and currency and they will arrive mid-January at the earliest if you need the 2018 edition.  

They will never be worth nothing, but they most likely will appreciate in value as the value of silver goes up.  Besides being a bullion coin, it does have a legal face value of $1.00 though they hold more value than a dollar due to their silver content.

Our friends over at Hoosier Coin and Currency would be more than happy to help you with this. Lights Out Entertainment does share retail storefront with Hoosier Coin and Currency and this gift can be picked up during a planning meeting with Lights Out Entertainment if you would like!

Hoosier Coin and Currency’s hours are typically Monday – Friday 10am – 5pm and Saturday 10 am – 4 pm. They are located at 192 North State Road 267 STE #340 A  Avon Indiana 46123