White Uplighting Wedding Ceremony lighting, Pipe and Drape, at Crane Bay Event Center Indianapolis Indiana
Lights Out Entertainment
Crowne Plaza Historic Union Station 46204 Grand Ball Room Blue Uplighting with Snowflake Gobo
Purple Uplighting Crane Bay Event Center Lights Out Entertainment Reception
Indianapolis Hilton Wedding Venue Victory Ballroom with out uplighting
Victory Ball room Hilton downtown Indy with uplighting
Uplighting two levels Wedding Wow Factor Lights Out Entertainment

What is Uplighting? Why do I want it?

Written and published on 11/29/2016
Uplighting is a term used in the wedding and event industry. The word uplighting is not even in Webster's Dictionary.  So Lights Out Entertainment will define it.  (n.)  A light source used to accent and enhance a space using color. The light are usually placed on a ledge or floor and the light source is pointed in an upward 90 degree angle to shine up a wall, arch, or architectural feature.  

As you can see  in pictures above (Mobile view) or Below (Desktop view) uplighting can transform a great event space into an awesome event space. It can be used to set a mood and give that added wow factor to your wedding or event. 

Many different event vendors now offer uplighting, the prices vendors charge will vary per light source. However, it is critical to ask the vendor to demonstrate to you the fixtures that they will be providing at your event. Not all uplighting light sources are created equally.  So go ahead and ask to see a demo of uplights the wedding venue, wedding photographer, or photo booth company may be offering as an add on.  You may find that the uplights they offer will not add that extra special element to your wedding.

Lights Out Entertainment uses wireless led light fixtures that are cool to the touch and can be customized to just about any color you can imagine. Exceptions to this any color are Black, Grey and Silver as these colors cannot be generated from a light source period.  Now that you know what uplighting is and how awesome it is, Talk to your Lights Out Entertainment DJ about adding this awesome enhancement to your wedding experience!