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1. Make sure your have reserved your photographer long enough for the send off and they know about the grand exit.

2. Let your entertainment know you are doing a sparkler send off. So they can make an announcement and assist with getting guests outside for the send off.

3. Have members of your wedding party assist or family. (Passing out sparklers and assisting lighting) Multiple small torches (they work better in wind and will allow a faster lighting) 4 - 6 depending on your guest count.

4. You will need the longer sparklers and at least two longer ones per guest. Make sure you have your guests standing suitable distance so you don't get burned.

5.Have metal buckets with sand or a large trash can full of water that guests can extinguish and dispose of the burnt sparklers they burn at over 2k F. They will still be hot after they burn out.

6. Also a small fire extinguisher on hand next to the sparkler station. For the just in case someone drops one and it is dry out and near a building.

7. Make sure a sparkler send off is allowed at your venue. Get it in writing via email as well that it is allowed. Many venues do not allow sparklers.

8. Your venue may require you to have event insurance to use sparklers on their property in the event any damage is done. It is always a good idea to have wedding insurance and event insurance for your big day!

8 Must Know Tips for your Sparkler Send off at your wedding!

7/18/2017 - Michael Nickolich

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